July 24, 2018

I am a big success in Fanstory. I am only five months in this Fanstory website. I got four recognized status stories in it. I found success very early in it. It is all thanks for my patience, practice, and hard work. All the writers are helping improve my writing. I enlisted in Fanstory this February and did get early success. I will continue to enter in more writing contests in it. I am so proud of myself.

I like Demi Lovato’s music very much and care very much for her as a fan. She is a great, caring and nice person. I have heard that she is in the hospital. Wishes from me to her of hoping she gets well. For me I really think that she will make a full healthy recovery. I hope that she gets healthy and I know she will. My hearts and hugs go out to her. I love her music. She is a great person. Even if I don’t know her personally. Get well soon, Demi Lovato! I love your music very much!

My writing is improving tremendously. I never knew that I was going to be very successful this fast. What I thought that it will take time. But, it turned out perfect for me. I couldn’t wish anything better. This new beginning is awesome. I will continue to improve my craft of writing. I am very happy!!!

My favorite show is The Sinner. I am almost done with season one.

I got stronger and healthier. My muscles are bigger. They are getting bigger each coming day. I am lifting weights and doing exercise nonstop. I will continue to do it. I love lifting weights all the time.

Well, my friends, have a great year! Be safe! Be kind! Be nice! Be courteous! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! Play safe! 🙂 ❤



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