I Am Doing Well in Fanstory

I have subscribed to fanstory in May. I enlisted to fanstory in February. So, I have five months involved with the website. The Writer magazine promotes fanstory for new up and coming unknown writers like me. In these few months I have three stories that have recognized status that fanstory is keeping. I hope to win awards and honorable mentions. I am there for the long haul. But, the strange thing is that I got so successful in this website without completing a year of it. I am proud of myself. My life is amazing as a writer. I have achieved so much things in the craft of writing. This will continue. The reason is that I am a fast learner, like Speedy Gonzalez.

In grammar I am achieving very well as in excellent. I learned most of the grammar by absorbing of what I have learned. I keep reading the grammar book and watch lots of grammar videos to be able to understand it. My favorite subject is grammar. My feeling is that I need much practice to be as a novelist writing novels. This achievement is real difficult. I am patient with it. I know I am not ready yet to write a novel, but in the future I will be.

I am just entering these writing contests and writing in my blogs to get much better in my craft of writing. It is difficult. It is very hard to understand, but I seem to weather the storm. I know most of the craft of writing. The only problem is that I in some occasions repeat words. I am trying to get my writing polished, make it concise, clear, and easy for readers to read. In this way once I write and publish something they will be able to understand my literature.

I am so very good with my grammar. I know most of it by heart and mind.

Fanstory is the perfect opportunity for me to excel in my literature. Other writers are helping me a lot. They say that I am a good writer and for me it is acceptable. I am starting. I know I am a very good writer, but I want to earn it as a great writer. These blogs and fanstory is my chance to do that. Right now I am excelling and over-achieving.

When I pass quiz grammar exams my eyes get so wide-open as an alien, once I see my grammar grades. I am so surprised that I almost know all of it. Someday if I achieve perfection of it. They will call Mr. Perfect-Grammar Expert. I am so proud of myself and so amazed of what I know about almost all of the English Grammar structure. I love grammar.

I am reading magazines on how to write. I am learning it. So, far I am a super-achiever at it.

Well, my friends, enjoy the weekend! Love and peace to you all! Be happy! Behave! 🙂 ❤



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