June 9, 2018

I am more focused on studying grammar. I know most of it, but am real confused. I know that I know it, but I want to understand all of it. This is very difficult. This is the reason I love grammar, because it is difficult.

Today I was walking outside with my dad and we talked mostly about sports. I was talking about the Miami Heat throughout our conversation. It was an interesting talk.

I have grown big muscles this year and am proud that in 2018 I lifted weights all this year. For me 2018 was the most productive of it. I did it more this year.

I think everything is cool now. I was thinking of how care-free I am with my writing. I am trying to understand literature and am new to it. I think that I handle my feelings towards writing fiction well. My mind is dark and spooky. I feel that I am creating demons inside my mind. In terms I write them out on my notebooks.

My dreams are like you will never set foot in them. They are dangerous to cross over. You would die if you entered one. This is how it is. My dreams are filled with demons to write about. It isn’t friendly at all. You won’t ever last a minute, and then you’re done.

I feel like this year for me I have been happier, because I have been more productive in everything in life. The grammar is getting there and it is a very long process. I don’t have any idea if it is going to take all of this year, or several years more. But, am on the right track. I understand it more.

I go to places like coffee book shops, and restaurants to drink ice coffees. I start to look at books and magazines skimming through them. At the magazine stands most of them are learning how to write. I skim through them. I already have two writing magazines subscribed years ago to learn how to write. I read them and then get to practice.

I will be going to Gainesville, Fl., and St. Augustine, Fl., to visit. I love those two places. I love that I went to visit Italy and France a very long time ago. Beautiful places to visit to.

I am writing. I am watching grammar videos in YouTube and practice the quizzes in EngVid.com. I am getting lots of experience from them. I am taking it step-by-step. I am not rushing it. I am learning slowly. I revisited again the same grammar videos I first saw several times and try to understand them more.

Well, my friends, have a great summer! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! Behave! Be kind! Show respect! Respect your elders! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



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