June 1, 2018

Today I was going out to get coffee. I have been studying grammar all week. I will still do so. I am relaxed at my home. I think of all the good times I have had in the pasts.

I think that lonely people have feelings also. They feel the same feelings the popular people have. They do mistakes, but learn from them. I think that lonely nice people do need to hang out with friends and be with them. There is no reasons that we should put them down because of personal reasons. I think that personal problems can be solved with each other of whatever the problem some lonely nice people have caused. There is no reasons why they should be in lone isolation forever. In whatever age they are they can still hang out with friends.

I am a happy person. I write all the time. Everything is going great. I don’t care what some people think negative of me. I live my life and am optimistic about my future. We live in a mixed safe and tough world. I think that we should overcome whatever obstacles hassles us. Our lives should be equal. We need to be equal with each other and leave the bad pasts behind.

Whatever you wanted it in the past it can be reclaimed in the present.

I watch the show 13 Reasons Why, and I like it. Poor Hannah Baker, because I feel sorry for her. She should have justice. I am almost finished with season 2. I like the show so far.

I love the Florida Gators and the Miami Hurricanes. I always root for them. It is okay for you to go with FSU and there is nothing wrong with that. I just decide not to for FSU and that’s just me. I root only for UF and UM. These are all teams that have great dynasties.

I am trying to make a name for myself in the literature business. I love the Fanstory web site I am participating in. It is helping me a lot. I get positive feedback and the other writers help me along the way. I also help them too. It is a great experience for writers.

The world should be a safe and friendly place with nice people.

Well, have a great weekend! Be safe! Be nice! Show respect! Be courteous! Behave! Don’t be ignorant! Don’t be rough on nice people! Love and peace to you all! šŸ™‚ ā¤

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