May 21, 2018

These past few days I have been studying grammar. I easily absorb the English structure and learn it. I have been for many years been studying the subject. For me some of it is difficult and confusing to understand, yet my mind tells me I am learning all of it. I am in a very good path towards mastering it.

What I am thinking is that I will take the next online grammar class at the beginning of next year. It all sounds perfect. This means I will have enough space to know it all. Months go on slow when you’re studying, so this is the perfect year and time to master it all. Through the stretch of studying the year of 2018 I will be much prepared and will have much adrenaline getting an excellent grade.

I saw a few episodes of Blue Bloods. I liked them a lot. Very great crime drama series.

I saw a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. I am in the first season. I saw episode 1-3. I am in episode 4. I was studying character development watching Blue Bloods and The Twilight Zone.

In one try I pass most of the grammar quizzes in all the time. I want to study of how I can describe of gerund words of which is an adverb,an adjective,a pronoun,a verb, or a noun in each sentence. This part is the most difficult lesson I have to study very well. I have the huge capacity, but it will take me time to master it. I will overcome this weakness. I always do.

My life is going great and am happy. Right now I am listening to smooth jazz. Writer’s Digest has extended my subscription to another year. I am all the time very studious.

I will begin again to lift weights and do exercise. I think tomorrow, or the next day I will have time, because before I didn’t have time, but now I will.

It has been raining this past week. I couldn’t walk outside my neighborhood, but tomorrow I will have enough time. I love walking outside, greeting neighbors, and looking at animals.

One story is that when my dad was driving to somewhere like at Barnes & Noble, or Walgreens (I forgot where we went). But, there was a squirrel in the middle of the street. It was very close to our car. My dad didn’t see it, but I did. It was a blind spot where it wasn’t seen. I told him to stop right away, so it won’t get hurt. He did. We gave it time to walk safely across the street. Well, the squirrel walked safely across the road. We both have felt a sigh of relief. We saved an animal, and made us very happy doing so. I talked to him about it and he was very happy that the animal is now safe. We both were very worried for the animal at the moment it happened, but we did the right thing. We felt joy once the squirrel is safe at his home. I told my dad in time. He thanked me for doing so. Than, we drove at the destination place we had to go to.

Well, have a great summer, everyone! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! Behave! Show respect! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



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