May 14, 2018

If my fans want to read my novels they need to be happy and be happy enjoying reading it. It is fiction, but I don’t want my fans to feel depressed, but only to feel positive in their lives. For me is that happiness that counts. I am studying grammar today. I am doing pretty good in the grammar quizzes. I have trouble with the middle and last stuff of it, but am learning it.

I am in several writing contests at the Fanstory web site. I am learning and this is going to take some time. I am improving my writing skills.

I was remembering of my past Poets & Writers writing contests and how much that I’ve enjoyed participating it. I have had lots of fun there and learned a lot. I think by starting small into these contests I can better development into a better writer. Plus, it helps me a lot. Now I am in and am enjoying it like the past former website, (poets & writers) writing contests I was in. These contests are real fun to be in.

I still am subscribed to the magazines of Writer’s Digest and Poets & Writers. They help me a great deal. I am happy and optimistic about my future career. I watched some of crime episodes. I was listening to some pop music.

I read all the time. I am practicing writing. Throughout this year I will study further grammar. So far I understand some of it, but am confused at the phrasal verbs, which in the quizzes are still good grades. I study the material.

Right now I am dedicated on focusing on how to improve my writing. It doesn’t make sense now, but am learning how to make it. It isn’t an easy process. I am just glad that is difficult so I could master it. So far I am fine.

Today is raining here in Miami. I only went out to get ice coffee and that was it. I am at home now. I will listen to music and call it a day for now.

Well, my friends, have a great summer! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! Behave! Show respect! No fooling around! Listen to your elders! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤







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