Who is the Greatest NBA Athlete: Debate it

In your opinion who is the greatest NBA athlete: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

You can only pick one and tell us why.


5 thoughts on “Who is the Greatest NBA Athlete: Debate it

  1. MJ is the GOAT! Why? He’s got the competitive advantage over nearly everyone who’s ever played in the NBA! 6-0 in NBA finals (never played in a weak eastern conference) 2 gold metals (one when amateurs still played for the US and one with the dream team) hit the game winner for an NCAA championship! How many straight scoring titles (I lost count) and he played in the era where you could be hand checked and litteraly beat up (there was no such thing as a flagrant foul) and there was no wide-spread flopping, swish moves and just ugly basketball. MJ has lead the league in steals and never took any time off on defense like the superstars do today! I could go on! LeBron is clearly the greatest player of his generation as was Kobe and Kareem and maybe Either BR or WC, just not the GOAT! If he wins a couple more championships then I’ll reconsider! The balls in his court…

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