April 25, 2018

My life is completely healthy. I am happy, positive, and optimistic. I am very busy all these years. I saw an episode of Sneaky Pete. I am eating healthy. My favorite drinks are Ice coffee and Ica Americano. Right now I am listening to the music of Bruno Mars. I am chilling. I am relaxing.

I did listen to some of Nat King Cole’s music and some of Frank Sinatra’s music.

I saw an episode of Hawaii Five-0 to study character development. Every single day I watch crime shows, because I want my mind to be prepared to write horror novels. It helps a lot with mystery novels that involve with horror. You can say that they are fantasy novels as well and kind of science fiction. I remember that the movie I saw was Stephen King’s The Lawnmowerman. It is science fiction, but it is screen script set for a motion picture. I know that it is horror, but some other of his novels do fit into kind of science fiction. I like much this movie, because it is different. The sequel wasn’t very good as this first one. The first one will always be my favorite.

I have read the novel Horns by Joe Hill and loved it. The kid with the horns it represents demons. Awesome novel.

I love going to Barnes & Noble. I always get my ice coffee. Anyplace where I can get my ice coffee is cool. I go to Dunkin Donuts just for the ice coffee and the egg sandwich. The McDonald’s ice coffee taste great as well.

I did lift weights and did exercise today. I now do it three days straight. This is my first day from the two days rest of doing it. I will never stop from doing it. I got used to it and now am used to it.

My dream will come true to coming to the Florida Gators games in Gainesville. It will be cool and awesome. I can’t wait for the amazing exciting experience. I will probably see two games, because I live in Miami. But, I do also love Gainesville very much as I do Miami.

Yesterday I was practicing writing. I am getting better. I am learning a lot. What I need to do is keep learning grammar. I am good at it.

A few days ago I was listening to some Britney Spears, Hannah Montana, Whitney Houston, and Diana Krall music. I also was listening to some of The Beastie Boys and Run DMC music. I will listen to the grammar audio in Spotify and YouTube.

I need to read about marketing and that is something to which I left out these past months. I will read about marketing. I have the book in my room, so there is no problem at all.

Right now I will listen to some music of Diana Krall. Goodnight, my friends! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! Show respect! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤