April 29, 2018

Today I lifted weights and did exercise. I was reading the novel Find Her by Lisa Gardner. I like it so far.

I was doing a grammar quiz and did good. I almost scored the highest grade. The Engvid web site is helping a lot. I will see the grammar videos in YouTube. I haven’t seen them for several days. I have the marketing book in my room and will soon start to read it.

This month has flown quick. I didn’t even feel it. We are already in May and only have one day left of April.

The experiences of the Poets & Writers writing contests did help me improve a great deal. I have learned a lot. I know now that it isn’t all easy, but difficult. This is great. I love to accomplish the most difficult stuff of writing. I love challenges.

I think by the next week or the second week of May I will be subscribed to the Fan Story web site. I will have much fun there. It is a great opportunity for me to develop and improve more as a writer. In this way I gain more experience. I am happy to attend to the future writing contests. Somehow, I will win awards and gain honorable mentions, which is my true wishes to have and gain.

I want to walk outside, which I haven’t done for about two weeks. I only lifted weights and did exercise at home through this year. I also studied writing and grammar. The quizzes are going good. I am going to try to master both of them.

Well, my friends, have a great week ahead! Be safe! Be nice! Be courteous! No fooling around! Show respect! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

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