My Memoir (3/19/18)

I was studying grammar and now I get it of some of the half of the English structure. It is huge hard drilling grammar for me, especially that I am watching videos on grammar almost everyday. I get confused on half of the stuff, though. I love it this way. I want to earn my full excellent know ledge of grammar. This is the only thing I talk a lot all the time. I know the definition of the word Parallelism. So far I am getting it. It feels natural to me. I love grammar. This is perfect. I will enter in two grammar online classes next year. I am busy studying throughout this whole process. I am staying patient with it. I hope to get to excellence on the English grammar. My goal is for me to have full knowledge perfection from the subject. I hope.

I like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. They are so very nice people. I love their music a whole lot. I wish the best for them in their future. I care about both of them as a fan, even if I don’t know them personally.

The Miami Heat game was awesome tonight. They defeated the talented Denver Nuggets. I am a huge NBA and NCAA Men’s college basketball die-hard fan. I am only a die-hard fan for the Miami Heat, UF, and the Miami Hurricanes. I am an awful fan as a FSU fan, but am proud of them that they got to the sweet sixteen in Men’s college basketball. Lots of luck for them! They will need it.

I can’t wait to go to Gainesville and see my favorite UF sports teams live. I want to go see the college football team up there and as well as some of the other rest of those teams. I am so very happy that I have connections to the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators. Go ‘canes! Go Gators! Keep the national championships tradition continuing in UF and UM.

Right now I will listen to smooth jazz on Accuradio. I will relax and get some sleep.

Well, have a great week and weekend, my friends! Be safe! Be nice! No fooling around! Show respect to people! Be courteous! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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