The Rock Group I liked in the 80’s

Way way back there was a rock band that I liked the most. They were called Van Halen. I used to listen to them from time to time. This was back way back in the 80’s. I only listened to it with myself and my family. But, it was fun anyway, even if I didn’t had the chance to share it with friends. I had very little friends back then. I loved Van Halen’s music. I used to dig and get jiggy with: Just A Gigolo. It was a song that I would make fun of myself as a lonely single person with no girlfriend. I remember the funny phrases, “I’m so sad and lonely. sad, and lonely, sad and lonely, sad and lonely. I ain’t got nobody, nobody cares about me. I ain’t got nobody. Nobody cares about me.” I knew back then that all that wasn’t true. I just poked fun with it, laughing at it, trying to make jokes about it. Like poke fun of myself for no reason. It was all just for fun and not to take it serious. I love most of Van Halen’s songs. My favorite song is still Yankee Rose. They were a great and funny band. I am just glad that I was in their bandwagon digging in to their music. I would poke fun at California Girls by not getting any, but I know I will with skinny beautiful girls somehow. I was just poking fun at it saying that they are attractive skinny and sexy. It was all just for fun. I could care less of what happened in the past, if I do I’ll just ride with Dr. Emmet Brown just to change the pasts for whatever reasons. We all know that that can’t happen, because it isn’t real. Well, the song I always love to poke fun of just for fun sakes is ‘just a gigolo’. I still listen to Van Halen. They are a legendary and funny group just like most of us are, but most of the time we’re serious hard working people. David Lee Roth’s music is awesome and very funny. This is why it is very entertaining, because you can sometimes make a joke out of your life just for faking fun. I love Van Halen’s music. The song Panama is awesome and iconic.


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