March 1, 2018

All through this year I will be studying grammar, and reading on learning hot to write. I will practice writing throughout this year and next year and so on. I am understanding grammar and getting familiar with it. I love grammar now 100%.

Today I was exercising and lifting weights. Tomorrow is my last day of lifting weights and then I take a two days rest. My arms need the resting. Once I finish doing it this Friday, I will do it on next week starting Monday to Wednesday (for 3 days straight) and so on.

Today the Heat are losing to a superior team the  L.A. Lakers. I know that they have a bad record, but in the offseason they will get a super star. Their future is bright. The Heat’s future is bright also. I just hope that my Miami Heat will land a super star in the offseason for us Miami fans, as well. Tomorrow I will see the Miami Hurricane’s Men’s basketball and the Florida Gators basketball. The Heat are still a good team and I am happy because of it. I love that game of the Miami Hurricanes that they beat North Carolina a few days before. North Carolina is a great team. It was an exciting game. I will never forget it. The Miami Hurricanes basketball team has a bright future.

I was reading on how to write better in my craft. I know that I write much better and improving lots. The best thing I am doing right now is studying grammar. I understand it more. I focus on the structure and the words. I focus on what they mean and don’t make it boring for myself, but make it fun for me. I love it.

Today I saw a few shows: Bosch, Blue Bloods, and White Collar. I love those shows. I was listening to smooth jazz while doing my exercise and lifting weights. I am happy.

Well, my friends, I hope that you have a good weekend! Be safe! Be nice! No fooling around! Respect people! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤




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