Another Pet Dog News

I saw several pictures of dogs that I might consider taking one of those dogs for adoption, but not just yet. I have to go through the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter web site to look at the pictures. One thing is that there are other people that want to adopt a dog also. So, I have no idea which dog will be available. I might get the most available dog they have. It has to be not big, but not too small. One that is medium big and that it never grows huge. I have looked at the pet store, but they want to buy their dogs. The price was expensive, so I think it is better at the animal shelter, which is my best bet. I will probably do it next week. I will think of my options of which dog I like to keep. I will keep you posted on the search for a new pet dog.


4 thoughts on “Another Pet Dog News

  1. Don’t take the first available dog. Make sure you spend some time with the prospects getting to know them. Some dogs end up at shelters for reasons like aggressive behavior and you definitely don’t want to to adopt one of those.

    • Great for you on your searches. I am very happy for you. Awesome! πŸ™‚ Thank you, I am going to need all the luck. It will be very hard finding the right dog for me. Thanks, again! lol! Hugs! πŸ™‚

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