February 8, 2018

My dad and me have decided to look at different dogs in several places. I am doing the right thing. I will go to pet animals stores to see what kinds of dogs they have and then to those other places where they have them for adoption.

I know that I am not much of a talker when I walk with my dad, but I do talk for a few minutes like 5 or 7. The reason is that I haven’t the slightest idea what to talk about. It is as if my mind is empty by not thinking anything. We walk around the neighborhood. I did do talk with my dad and have a healthy relationship with my him as family and a friend.

I did lift weights and did lots of exercise. I try not to eat a lot. I only eat when I have to occasionally when it is time to. I love lifting weights now. Tomorrow I will take a two days rest from lifting weights, and then later do it regularly for three straight days, and so on.

I find the writing contests markets very fun, comfortable, challenging, encouraging, and supportive. I do not have honorable mentions and awards yet. I don’t know if I will have some of them, or probably will not have any. One story I found out which is true is, that this person was in writing contests in the past before and she didn’t win anything and never got any honorable mentions. None. You know what? She wrote a novel later without all those things, published it, it got successful, and now she is an instant millionaire. Her book is a success and so is she. Very surprising indeed. So, I do have chances. I just have to do it smart and go through the steps, which I am doing both now, or I might get some awards and honorable mentions, whichever positive way it works. I am very happy with the process. I am starting to improve and getting better.

I am listening to smooth jazz right now. I think I will listen to classical music and start to sleep tonight. I have a big day ahead tomorrow. I have to work at home and then study writing. So, I will rest right now.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great weekend! Be safe! No fooling around! And please try to get some sleep! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



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