Pet Dog Alert News

Me and dad have agreed that we are going to look in places to find a pet dog for me, but haven’t decided when. The set dates in times are not yet determined. I am not concerned and am patient through the process. Right now I don’t have a name for it and don’t know if it will be a male or female at this time. I will check each day to see which one is convenient for me later, but not right now at this moment.


5 thoughts on “Pet Dog Alert News

  1. Adopt don’t shop – that is the motto I follow. I got two rescues. One was 2 and the other 3 at the time of adoption. You can find every type of dog from pup to granny, cross to pedigree at shelters. However, this way you can make sure no one but the dog (well and you of course) profits from it. You save a life or two and make sure no money is made through animal cruelty.

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