February 6, 2018

I went outside the neighborhood to look at nature and the trees are beautiful and alive. There were some of my neighbors outside. I greeted the ones that walked right passed me. They greeted me back. I didn’t do much talking. My mind was on the walking a mile around the neighborhood type. I talked very little.

I have got used to lifting weights and doing exercise all the time. I feel that is fun now. It doesn’t fear me anymore like it used to. I now can lift weights and have no problem doing it at all. I am used to it. I like it.

I think it is smart of me of saving my money so I could submit short stories in writing contests. The writing on my blogs and notebooks are sure helping me a lot. I am also reading writing reference books and magazines. It all is fine now.

I think I will check to see somewhere where the dogs are available for adopting. I never come around of doing it. It is my useless habit not reminding my dad to go to the places to look for a dog family friend. I need to do it eventually. It just never crosses my mind once I go out. I will try to do it somehow.

I saw Blue Bloods and Bosch today. They were great episodes. I am character studying the cops and criminals. I want to go around watching Criminal Minds in studying characters of cops and criminals. I do it in every crime show in order to see how my novels will shape up. I also love the shows as well.

I love reading books. I want to do research. I want to study character development in story structure. I want to study plot structure. I will go around doing these steps.

I feel stronger and healthier. I am feel secure and confident about myself. I love my life. I only hang around with nice people. I love the world. It is so beautiful.

Well, my friends, I hope that you enjoy this week! Be safe! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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