January 30, 2018

I am happy that I am not perfect and for me perfection in myself will be as a curse in my life. I think we all have to go with growing pains. It is part of our process. It makes perfect sense. In some occasions some, or one of my novels will reach perfection, but not my life. I am God’s imperfect creature.

My main goals in writing is to make most of my readers happy and for me to make money off of it. All I am reaching is a career that I want to be successful and be happy with.

Today I was reading books. I am almost finished with A Game of Thrones. I decided to take a break from practice writing to refresh myself at this time. I look back at the years I have been in online schools and am proud of them of my achievements.

My neighborhood is calm and relaxing. I don’t have any problems here at all.

I didn’t like the last Star Wars movie by at least thinking about it now. Before, I used to like it, but I decided that this last one Star Wars: The Last Jedi has destroyed everything that I believe of Star Wars. For me it has no meaning at all. I was thinking of discarding it, but can’t do that, because they might re-fix it by bringing the Jedis’ back. Right now I am just disappointed and could care less at this time.  We’ll see what happens in the future, until then I will avoid it.

I love the fresh air I am receiving from my room. It is quiet and like it this way.

I still see crime shows. At this time I am watching a documentary series called, Dirty Money. It is very good. I like it a lot.

Everything has changed of innovation and technology. It is a huge way of seeing the world. It is far different then from the beginning early 21st Century. Everything has changed. Most of the innovation is much easier now.

Well, I hope that most of you enjoy the month of February! Be safe! No fooling around! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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