January 20, 2018

I walked today with my dad. I got to breathe fresh air from outside. I appreciated nature. I was talking with my dad.

I didn’t do much this day. I was reading.

A lot has been going on right now.

I was thinking about how I can try to get better of my writing. I have several ideas on how. The smart thing I did is to write in this blog and see if it goes well. The other part would be reading on how to write by writing reference books.

I think that everything is going so well. Right now I have seen some production in my life, but not much. My writing on the other hand has seen more production. It is far exceeding more success each time.

It was me inside my home. I didn’t get out in some times. I went out to get my usual coffee. I went to Staples because my dad had to get something. I was looking at the notebooks. They were expensive. It is better getting them at the Dollar Store for a dollar each.

I have had nothing to do on this day. I got to reading some of the books. I didn’t practice at all. I will somehow. It is different these days that I write at night this time. I usually practice writing at the middle of the day, but not at night. I keep writing whatever is on my mind, or to make scenes of how to write a kind of fiction for practice.

A lot has been going on in this world. I stuck to watching The Science Channel. Most of the times is Mythbusters and How the Universe Works.

I never get mad at anyone at all. I control my emotions. I treat everyone kind. I am nice to everyone.

I will see if I could do something right now. My option now is for me to watch a sports game, which I will love to do. After that I will practice writing. I need to get better to see where I am getting at.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great week ahead! Love and peace to you all! šŸ™‚ ā¤


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