January 6, 2018

Today I saw with my dad two episodes of The Crown. we are almost finished with season two with only to episodes left to watch. It is interesting.

This day I was going out to the same stores like yesterday. We were talking about the Ñespresso coffee maker machine. They are interesting and will like to have one very much. So that means I don’t have to get coffee every day. I can do it like three days a week.

A lot has happened today. The cold weather in Miami has gone now and am relieved that it did. Now that means that I can do exercise and lift weights. I will start tomorrow.

I will write more short fiction stories for the writing contests, but not this month. I will start the next month to get prepared. It is not that simple. I know that I can do it this month, but I have decided not to. I will take my time.

One show that I missed last year and saw today is Outrageous Acts of Science. I haven’t seen that show for months. My favorite channel is The Science Channel. I love science and astronomy.

I am starting to see the PBS channel to see the shows I want to see like The Cosmos, if it is still there. It is a very good channel to watch. I started today.

I love Kari Byron from Mythbusters, because she has a funny crazy sense of humor in that show. She is funny and very skilled in those zany science experiments. I love that show a lot.

I haven’t seen Through the Wormhole now in the channel. Oh, now I see that the show has ended. Last year it was the final season. It is sad that it will no longer air. Well, there will be new science shows to watch. I hope.

I am excited for the Men’s basketball team the Miami Hurricane’s and Men’s basketball team the Florida Gators. I have decided to go root for them.

I am so happy that the Miami Heat are back on track and very excited for their bright future. I still like to watch their games most of the time and always will.

Through this day has been great for me. I went out to Barnes & Noble today just to go out. I wanted the outside of fresh air and wanted to see the day.

I was reading a few hours ago.

Well, my friends, I will be going off this post right now. I hope to see you soon in the next post! Love and peace to you all! Be safe! No fooling around with anyone! 🙂 ❤









5 thoughts on “January 6, 2018

  1. Science shows have always been among my favorite as well, although I usually don’t have a television. But since I’ve been staying with family for the holidays, and they have a TV, I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of my favorite shows.

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