January 4, 2018

This morning I went to Barnes & Noble and got my coffee, than went to Best Buy to see the Ñ espresso coffee maker machines. They have different kinds of them. They look neat with water cup holders to make coffee. I was surprised by how well made they are. I think they look interesting and neat. I like the way these machines make hot coffee. They are unique. I went to see it with my dad.

Today I just read a novel. I relaxed throughout this day. I am listening to smooth jazz music. I have completed last year six short fiction stories I’ve submitted at last year’s writing contests. Poets & Writer’s sponsored these small market contests to give chances to emerging writers. I am an emerging writer, but am also a real prolific writer, and am a fearless writer. My career is building  and improving rapidly at a fast pace. I am very talented with my writing and have a wide variety of imagination. All I need to do is improve more in my writing craft to get better.

I watch The Science Channel most of the time and learn from the best astronomers, planetary protection scientists, astrophysicists, and engineering protection scientists. I am trying to understand each of these careers of what they mean. I already know what astronomy means, the study of space and the stuff around it. I think.

I am learning a lot. I will later on check out on those self-publishing markets in Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the further future, but not yet, because I want to get prepared. I have had online classes about self-publishing so I should be able to know most of it. I am still learning, but have experience from WordPress. I only publish my posts. I don’t yet have any experience self-publishing a novel, but I don’t worry and concern myself over it. It is good that I took those classes and now I can go over them. I need to find those documents. I have lots of documents to check where they are. It is a whole bunch I need to look over.

I love pop music. Awesome songs. This day I was listening to one of my favorite old songs like Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks), Whoever’s in New England (Reba McEntire), Dani California (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and If This is It (Huey Lewis and the News). Great songs! The other song I love is Doing it All For My Babe by Huey Lewis and The News. Beautiful songs.

A few days ago I was watching the movie again Dances with Wolves. I sat there seeing from the beginning to the end. I waited throughout the end credits just to hear the music. I like the relationship between a civil war soldier and the Sioux Indians group. I love this movie a lot. Later on I will see it again somehow, but not at these moments. Kevin Costner made an excellent movie of American and Indian history. This movie I will never forget it and it will be in my mind for a lifetime.

I just love the relationship between John Dunbar and Two-Socks (wolf). I was sad when the civil war soldiers killed Two-Socks (wolf). Didn’t like that movie scene at all. I love most of the scenes from Dances with Wolves.

Now I will watch The Untouchables later on. Another movie that I love. This one has Elliot Ness fighting against crime in it.

I love it here in Miami. There is so much to do. It is also my hometown. Beautiful weathers and my home teams, including the Florida Gators. I have gone with the Florida Gators since the early 90’s and will forever and as well I will go for my Miami teams forever. I love the state of Florida.

I have heard that San Antonio is beautiful. I would love to visit there. I bet it is a beautiful city.

I remember a long time ago that I have created stories out of comic books and they were my very own creations since I was seven years old to 11 years old. I lost most of those made up comics. They are gone now. I always played with my imagination trying to build a fantasy fiction story here and there. What I didn’t have then is how to end it back in the 1980’s. I was very young at the time.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great year! Love and peace to you all! Be safe! No bothering anyone, or else! 🙂 ❤





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