How to Watch Sports

The first thing in order to watch sports is to just enjoy it. If your team wins be happy, or if they lose feel a little disappointed and then forget about it. Go on with your happy optimistic life. There’s more to life than sports. Don’t take sports too personal. No women likes a grown man who whines when their team loses. Wins and losses are a part of life, just like your failures and successes. Don’t give up on your life also. You’re the most important person in your family and friends. We all are. Be a fair sports fan and just treat as only games just to be enjoyed and not to suffer over it. If you do, then that’s just being silly on your part. Be happy! Be cool! 😎 😇


2 thoughts on “How to Watch Sports

  1. I don’t watch sports anymore. This epiphany came in 1986 when a first baseman named Bill Buckner for the Red Sox muffed a ground ball through his legs. And the Sox lost the world series. Screaming, yelling, ranting and I finally realized my mental health is best when not becoming emotionally involved with millionaires playing kids games. Now I check scores the next day. That’s it and who cares.

    • It’s okay. You have every right to not follow sports, but I do without me being hassled by it. I agree with you though. Good for you. You are doing the right thing, my friend! I respect your decision. It is different for everyone. Follow your own point of view and not anyone else’s. Very good work! But, I still love sports, anyway. Good talking to you my friend.

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