November 6, 2017

I was thinking about my writing. I feel like I do understand it. Writing to me is real difficult to know its meaning entirely. I mean it from an author’s point of view and not from a reader. It goes way beyond the boundaries. For writers it means a lot different then how the reader know what it is explaining. It is only for me to understand. I feel like to know about writing is to live it and write it. I would say this is the only way a writer will know about it, if they read writing reference books, write novels or something else, practice writing, and being involved in writing blogs. For me this would be the only way. For a writer writing has lots of meanings, while a reader it has only one meaning. It is confusing and complex. It is not easy as a reader may think it is. The other way you’re going to know is to experience writing it, like finishing a novel for example, then you probably might know its meaning. This isn’t stupid to say, but for a reader they would think so. Who are they to think and say about it? You have to live it as a writer.

I lifted weights and did exercise. This year I wasn’t lazy lifting weights and can’t wait till next year, which I will be more built the coming year. I am on the right track of health. I never ever had stronger muscles before, of course they were strong before, but they are more built. For me this is the first time. This year has paid off using weights for my arms to be stronger. Next year will be much better.

Next year I am getting a dog, and am so much happy about it. I only need one animal, because I am a writer already. I will be busy with my new dog, exercising, lifting weights, studying marketing, practicing writing, studying writing, and submitting short stories in writing contests markets. I have to see videos about marketing, editors, writing agents, writers, and how to write on TED website and YouTube. I have a lot on my plate. I don’t have time to do fun things. My time is limited. Somehow, I will catch a break where I need to relax, and take a load off.

I have all of my online writing documents former courses to study them and it is a whole bunch I need to read and be familiar with. Right now I am working.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great Christmas and New Year’s! Love and peace to you all! Behave and no fooling around! Be safe! 🙂 ❤


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