November 30, 2017

I have decided to write short fiction stories to writing contests markets to the magazine I am currently involved in. These are fun writing exercises. For me it is a start-up career by achieving my goal of being a professional novelist.

I was studying marketing and learning about Disney’s business and its wide range of chains of companies. I think it is the biggest business of all entertainment. I never forgot about Simon Kuznets. I need to read about him in Wikipedia. Most people don’t care about him, but I am interested to know his history. He has written so many books on the subject of economics. All I know is that he wrote the National Income aggregate. I already know about Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s.

It seems to me that I am lucky to find out about the histories of business people. I am learning new things every day. Writing has struck me to have an interest in marketing, and now I mostly like about it. I want to learn more. Before, then I never wanted to know about the subject, because I always thought it is boring. Now I don’t think so. I find it fun to learn. Weird of how everything from decisions that changes throughout the years.

Well, one thing that hasn’t changed it that I will always love Christmas. It is a time of cheering and getting together with family.

When I was in my teens I always have thought that it was impossible for me to be a writer, and that goal I would never reach it ever in my life. This was in the 1980’s and 1990’s. So, in my teen years I was hoping to be a lawyer and have a career at it, because I thought it is something I could handle it. But, in 2009 that all has changed. I began reading books on how to write at Barnes & Noble each week I went, and then the next year I went to my first online writing class. When I took the final exam in 2010 I was thinking I would not have reached higher to the highest grade. I was thinking something like in the early 70 percentages. Funny thing happened once I passed that exam my grade was an A- in the Final Exam. I guess my wide range of imagination that became wide spread by following Star Wars in the 80’s when I was very young starting at the age of 8 paid off. I still follow Star Wars.

I passed all the 15 online writing classes just by taking it once at my college. Now my family started calling me a genius, which I am. All my classes are A-s, and A+s in Final Exams. I am a very dedicated studious writer. The year 2009 of studying writing by reading them all the time in bookstores really did the work. I started writing stories that I’ve made up on my own. I am stunned, shocked, shocked, and proud of myself that I got to this point. I decided for now on to never become a lawyer, because it is dangerous for me, and I could have led a very difficult life. For me I am taking the safer job, which is writing. It is a safe job for me.

I was at the online schools for 7 years by passing fifteen classes in all just one time each. I took two classes each year from 2010-2017. The reason was I had nothing to do, so I kept on studying. But, I am happy of it, and got used to it.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great year! Love and peace to you all! Behave and no fooling around to anyone! 🙂 ❤

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