November 22, 2017

I used to remember that there were some nice people doing bad things to some persons. I stayed away from them. But years later, once I see that they apologized to those persons that bothered them I started to think that they’re not all that bad after all. They just went to a rough confusing time. This is what happens to young people misunderstandings. Some people do change being nice. I encountered them and they started treating me nice. All of us went through those rough years finding our true personalities. I talked with them and I was surprised that they became friendly.

Some people really don’t think that there are some that did change for good. I think it is real hard for them to accept it. We all had had our rough times in our lives. I believe in solving problems. It is no big deal of what nice people did bad in the past. It should be all but forgotten and giving them second chances. After all we all are human. I don’t really worry about those problems and I am happy with my parents. I know that I have friends and families. It is not that difficult as some of you think. You are just seeing the picture, but not the whole story.

Well, the better thing I am doing then paying attention to that is that I am studying marketing. My last quiz in the penultimate lesson was very hard. I think I get the picture of business marketing. I am awful with the technical marketing, but can handle only a few. I love astronomy. I watch it instead of others having misunderstandings. It is better. I get to learn about space, how beautiful it is, the mysteries of it, and gain knowledge from it. I am understanding what some other people won’t never know.

I stick to my writing and love it. I am glad that I am getting a career. I love the world of fiction. Instead of what some people are doing that are plain silly to most of us. I don’t pay attention to it. I stick to my studies, and hang out with my parents. Plus, I get to study about writing. In the future I will learn about other subjects once I start creating novels. It is the most fun for me.

This online class was drilling and very hard for me, but I have studied a lot. I will have no problem passing this class. Now I am not afraid of marketing and the subject is now my friend. Even if it is not a person. I am starting to love about it. I love watched the online website TED, and YouTube. I am learning a lot. There is more stuff about the subject. I got to learn about the National Income aggregate (1929-1932). They don’t use it anymore.

It is better focusing about education then the problems we have anyway. Besides, problems can be resolved real easy and then it’s all friendly in your area. I have no problems at all and love my life, regardless of how some of it crazy it is. I don’t pay much attention of my life (some is as it is). I am happy and pretty soon I will have a career that I love to do and make most people happy from it. I make my friendly enemies become my friends. We are all misunderstood in some occasions. We all have had problems. There is no reason to make such a big deal out of the past anyway. It is useless energy. There are more serious problems out there then mines and yours. Ours can be solved in an instant. Think about that. Some of you are playing the Jedi mind tricks from Star Wars. I have friends and families. I think it is better to be friendly and start over. We all aren’t perfect anyway. It is no big deal.

It won’t matter what some other people believe anyway, because we overcome the hard obstacles. If you still think the same negative way, then I’ll start to be a therapy consultant to some of you friendly people. Don’t be silly. It is all over. I think this should be over by now. I am already a grown up and some others are stills kids by thinking about the same old thing that doesn’t matter anymore.

I love going out, but don’t have time. I am busy. I focus on my studies, rather then playing the mind tricks that some are doing now. I love my life. The funny thing is that I am being the psychologist for you that everything has changed for the good now. There is no reason for war by now with the ones who have changed into positives. If you certain people want me to consult you that everything is fine, then I will being friendly. I have no problem being a psychologist to you. But, I think by now you should have probably known that now there are no bad people anymore. You should know that by now (some of you friendly people. Don’t be silly!). We will solve this together. I am talking to the people here only in Miami, Fl. to knock some sense into them, because everything that happened bad in the pasts is all over. If you don’t think so, then I will consult you. It is for your own good health. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better. It just a simple misunderstanding in your part. We all did mistakes. We all paid for them. I already have grown up. Besides, listen to what Jesus has said we should make peace, instead of war.

This all should have been resolved five years ago. Some of you are just playing the blind mouse game. I am not. I have already solved my problems, and now it is time that you people in Miami, Fl. should too. I already did my part. Just remember that you aren’t suffering anymore. It is all gone. You should know that by now. Remember what I have said if you don’t get it, I will consult you.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great year and for many years to come! Love and peace to you all to all over the world! šŸ™‚ ā¤

Reminder: do something fun, for example watch the Science Channel like I do, and that should take your mind off those misunderstandings, besides we are already adults now. So there should be no problems at all! Love you all! šŸ™‚ ā¤


4 thoughts on “November 22, 2017

  1. you write about yourself and thus it is pleasure to seeyou hindsight. A very bold transparent piece of writing.

    Always likes your writing.
    read my blogs/poems and leave a comment. it gives kick and support.

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