Who Will Win the NBA title This Year (2017) ?

I don’t know. Maybe, the Golden State Warriors? Perhaps, most likely not. My most likely guess would be the Boston Celtics. Teams surprise everyone in the playoffs. Until, this moment I think that Boston will be NBA champions this year mathematically correct. It looks like every year there is a new team winning titles at this league. I wouldn’t really know who would win, but the Golden State Warriors are close, but not as strong as they were last year. Maybe, the Celtics took that strength this season. We’ll just have to wait and see. But, I think Boston is as smart to win the NBA title this year. But, I have to say, even if most of you disagree with me, that they have to prove it. I am not a Boston Celtics fan. I am a Miami Heat fan. But, it is most likely that it might happen, definitely. Don’t count out the Golden State Warriors. Let’s see what happens in the NBA playoffs. Sports is unpredictable. A dark horse team like the L.A. Clippers might win the title as well. Anything can happen. Right now my team the Miami Heat won’t make the playoffs. They suck, but I will still go for them, because I am from Miami. Maybe, the Heat will go to the playoffs? In my view I am not convinced. Well, enjoy the NBA with no fuss, no fights, and no fooling around. Just enjoy it. That’s all.


16 thoughts on “Who Will Win the NBA title This Year (2017) ?

    • The Pistons probably would, and I think they have the capacity to upset the Boston Celtics in the east finals. It is a possibility. I am happy that the Detroit Pistons are doing well. Good Luck!

  1. I think Boston are set up to compete over the next 10 year stretch as much as I love the way the GSW play I like to see different champions plus I’m a Celtics fan 🍀

  2. I have to disagree with what your saying the Celtics did add an all-star point guard in Kyrie Irving but they are in no way title favorites and will most likely lose In the conference finals to the Cavaliers. Also the warriors are actually a much better and have more depth to there bench this season and with the clippers losing Chris Paul they have no chance of getting past the first round. Lastly the heat are actually a really underrated team that is coached really well and is definitely a lower playoff team.

    • The Heat will surprise you and everyone else. The Heat will be a great team and a dynasty. Watch. I agree with you about the Celtics. The Warriors are far a more superior team. The Warriors will win the NBA title this year.

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