October 4, 2017

I have finished lifting weights three straight days, and tomorrow is my two days rest, and then I am at it again.

My days are reading books, and writing something in my notebook. I write what I do in my weeks.

I am almost finished watching the series Game of Thrones. I do understand some of it, but I get confused with some of the characters. The former characters that others have died I forgot some of their names. I do understand most of it though.

I feel stronger and healthier. Doing exercise does make a huge difference.

I start the online class this month. I will be pretty busy. I am always busy.

Right now I am taking a break. I want to do the chores around my house. I think I will start by blowing the backyard garden tomorrow. I love doing things for the home.

I am handling my rejection letters well. I don’t get angry over them. I learn from them. I can do better. I will.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great year! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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