September 29, 2017

I enjoy being in the part of Poets & Writers writing contests. It is giving me the opportunity to prove myself that I am a great writer. I haven’t yet been in the writing contests of Writer’s Digest, but do want to. It is just that I am so very busy into Poets & Writer’s writing contests.

I love writing contests. But, I will rest from it through the whole month of October. I will be back in November.

I choose to dismiss Suits, because I don’t see it anymore. No hard feelings. I am just not into it.

I am getting better of my writing craft. I write so much better. I am a better writer, because of it. I feel like writing now is coming naturally to me and have no problem concentrating. I can easily write the words, sentences, and paragraphs. I feel amazed of myself that I have gone this far, and it will continue.

I love smooth jazz. It relaxes me. I feel great.

Over and over I see words coming to me, and my imagination runs wild. Through sentences I create these characters that some are troubled and aren’t. Their lives are like a bubble map method. I try to find who really survives and who doesn’t. Through all the adventures bad and good some overcome it. It is amazing to me that I see what is actually happening in the fiction world. So many battles and wars that are won and lost.

I love American Crime. It is my favorite show so far. It is awesome that there will be a movie about John Gotti starring John Travolta as John Gotti. I just want to see what has happened in this true story that occurred in real life. It is so interesting. He was very hard to arrest for the FBI. They finally arrested him and made him plead guilty. I just want to see how it all occurred.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great year! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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