Listen To Your Parents

You always have to trust your parents. They are the only ones who can help and so do your family. They are there for you. They care about you. Don’t listen to strangers to tell you what to do. If you have any problems go straight to your parents to tell them the truth, so they can help you. Your parents can solve all your problems. Your parents love you. Never back out on them. Never lie to your mom and dad. Consult to them about your recent problems.


One thought on “Listen To Your Parents

  1. Yes, parents are there to console, encourage, support, and guide their children through many, if not most of life’s challenges. Unfortunately, parents are human, too. They may not have all of the answers to life’s decisions, challenges, and dilemmas. But, they do try their best to demonstrate their love and support for you, in the best way they know how.
    There is an undeniable level of safety in confiding in parents or adult who have your best interests at heart. Ultimately, do not discount the capacity of a parental figure to give unconditional love and acceptance, even when it seems otherwise. Understand that they do the best that they know how, but there is always room to grow. Just keep growing, and never lose your ability to trust.

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