September 24, 2017

I am watching American Crime now. It is interesting. I love the show.

Today was a day where I get to read books. I also did the chores around the house. I vacuumed inside my home. I took out the trash. I love doing things for my home. It gives me responsibility. It makes me feel happy to be responsible of my home.

This day it was raining. I am happy for the plants, because they have received much-needed water. I have two writing classes left one this year and the last one next year. I miss my former classes, though. They are a lot of fun. I get to learn about the subject.

I finished watching a show about the Una-bomber. It is interesting. Now I know how it happened. I don’t think that I should believe that all of it happened. Sometimes they put some of the scenes to make it interesting and appealing. But, most of the stuff did happen. He did kill lots of innocent people. You have to see it to base your opinion of it.

I went back to see Madam Secretary. I love this show.

I still study the craft of writing. I am active on it more. I was thinking about my characters and think that their lives are interesting. I find that some are troubled and some aren’t. Some have happy lives. It is the way I present them.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great year! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤




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