September 13, 2017

I feel positive and optimistic about my writing. I have lost weight and will lose more. Tomorrow I will be lifting weights and doing lots of exercise. I will start to eat healthy snacks as eating much fruits. I never think about foods and drinks. I think about entertainment and my writing.

I will layoff all the unhealthy foods and drinks. It is better to do so.

I love going to the Harbor Freight store. They have lots of things that are interesting. It is something different to go to. Besides, everyone needs to take care of their homes. I love my home. I love my backyard. When I walk around the neighborhood I get to see nature, animals, and greet neighbors.

I am listening to R&B Classics on Music Choice. I love my Music Choice. I like some of Isaac Hayes songs. I saw some episodes of astronomy on The Science Channel. Space is so beautiful, but at the same time dangerous to humans and animals if they attempt to go there without an astronaut space suit on.

I am trying to understand astronomy and also do want to understand science as well. It is very hard for most people to do so. You need to study a lot. A professional knows everything about both subjects very well.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great year! Remember no fooling around, behave, and be safe! Be nice to people! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤




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