The Shows I Watch

I have finished the whole series of Hell on Wheels. It was an interesting show. I am watching now Riverdale. It is an exciting show. I still watch The Last Tycoon. I don’t get F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life. I am clueless. He is a mysterious personality. He is weird and strange. Well, his last novel The Last Tycoon adapted as a show is awesome. I could tell you that.

Well, I mostly want to talk about shows. My favorite show right now has to be Pretty Little Liars. I know it is for teens, but I watch it. The Ted Talks series is interesting, but I haven’t caught up on it.

I am trying to catch up on Suits. It is a very good series.

I am on season two of The Royals. To tell you the truth I don’t like very much Winston Churchill. I think that he is a controversial figure, that I wouldn’t bring him up on any subject at all.

Besides, shows. I am reading writing reference books on how to write. All of my life is all about writing. Next year I will be getting a dog as a family pet. But, at the next February of 2018 I will be enlisted in another writing class. That will be my last one, and next I will have a dog companion as my brother or sister, and my friend.

Wow! This year has passed fast. I feel like last month was January, and we’ll be in 2018 real fast. Time sure flies fast when you’re having fun.

I want to watch other crime shows and drama cop shows. They are my most favorites.

Well, I haven’t said this often, but I will say it now! I will be signing-off, and writing-off! Those last words are a blast from the past right? I know that you don’t even know what I am saying, but some of you do remember those words.



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