August 30, 2017

I watched the first three episodes of Riverdale. I love it. It is interesting. What was bizarre to me is that these characters are very serious and it is like a drama young adult fiction type of show. Not that I am misjudging it, but I viewed these characters as funny and goofy in the Archie’s comics. I never took them seriously until this new show came out. Now it is a serious suspense drama that I love it even more.

Maria Sharapova just came from her long suspension and she won the second round in this year’s tournament. In my view she can pull off the upset by winning it all and won’t be a surprise at all to any us. Most of us know that she is capable of being the tennis champion in this current tournament. The suspension never affected her. She just took it to another level and she will do it this year. Her career is saved for the long-term. She already is back in full force, and we never second guessed it.

I am eventually be going to lift weights. I haven’t done it because this week I have had a very bad back. I had to stay at home for three days. In one day I went with dad to buy tiles for the bathroom with my bad back hurting, but I became careful of it. That was the only time I did that. It was for a short time.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great weekend! Be safe and behave! 🙂 ❤


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