August 24, 2017

I choose to trust only in me. I never listen to criticisms. It is what makes talented people weaker. In some occasions believe it or not some people talented can use negative criticisms to succeed in the entertainment world. It works both ways negative and positive in the entertainment world to succeed. I don’t have a clue why negativity helps us in some occasions, but it is a very weird animal. But, I would only choose the positives. There are some that think otherwise.

I was reading the magazine Poets & Writers. I am learning a lot. I know how to write stories now. I am crafty in the art of writing, but don’t know how to write novels yet. I didn’t write one to this point. In the future I will.

I was listening to heavy metal and Alternative rock music. I haven’t yet listened to Alice In Chains, but will promptly.

I read that there is a writer’s museum at Chicago in the USA. Before there was never one. How is that? I don’t know. It just didn’t occur to them, but it is brand new. It just opened about a month ago. It will be great if I go there. I will love that museum.

I only want to hear positives outside the world. I don’t want to hear negatives and never want to talk to whiners. I want to talk to positive people and who are optimistic. They are more fun to be around with as friends.

Well, I hope that most of you enjoy this weekend! Be safe and behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤





2 thoughts on “August 24, 2017

  1. Every person must determine what they can and will accept as influence on their lives. And that, at least for me, seems to change from time to time.

    I grew up in the south in a very restrictive religion, with a very dogmatic father. It took many years me to see things in the light I do today and it was a very conscious effort to do so. I did so, simply because I didn’t feel right about promulgating the type of atmosphere I grew up in.

    I am nowhere near the person I was when I was much younger and for me, that’s a good thing.

    But; it was, just as it must be YOUR decision to pursue change and if negative influence makes you uncomfortable, you’re likely right that it’s not the thing for you.

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