What I Think of Some Things

Some people I believe use misjudgments all the time. I think it is because of something that has occurred in their pasts years. Some overlook at people like me for lots of reasons pasts that do not even exist anymore in the present. They blame us for all the bad things we’ve done, but we made mistakes because we were very young. In many ways the past will always stick to us good and bad altogether. We are not in high school anymore. I used to be greedy in some of my years and have learned from it, but again I was very young. You will find some nerds that have lots of good reasons why these people act their own stupid ways that they do. I will say that the nerds are right. It doesn’t mean that they are stupid, but just haven’t used their intelligence correctly at those times when it was importantly needed. I think in the pasts of most of us could have been handled and changed old situations in positive manners. Believe me some people who over judged nice lonely will feel real guilty about it and some others just won’t care. I am lucky to have realized that there are people who care for people like me. I think it is time now to not use your misjudgment and use judgment the right way. To tell you the truth I was never a nerd. I was just the lonely cool guy during the time. We are not here to put nice lonely people’s lives in huge miseries. If you do, you’re doing will be considered as an untruth life by misjudgment. We need to see things more clear and make the right decisions. I would ask you this: You wouldn’t want other people to do the same thing to you as they did to us do you? Just think about that simple question. It’s one that will change your mind the correct way of thinking.


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