August 14, 2017

I only stay on the bright side of things. I don’t even dare go on sides that resemble dangers and hatred. That is not me. I only go to places where there is something fun to do, like going to a coffee shop to buy coffee. I think if you don’t listen or pay attention to the people who use hatred on you, you’re much safer then they are.

I got to watch the series The Crown yesterday, and was watching also The Last Tycoon. I don’t have any idea why F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life is weird, and is not definitely the safe side he wasn’t in. But, I think there are writers who live normal then his. The Last Tycoon was his last novel he wrote.

The Heavy Metal music I listen to helps me write horror novels, which I’ll be doing in the future. I didn’t write a manuscript just yet, until I finish my classes. Right now I am in writing contests. I only submitted three short stories in the writing contests. So, I am getting the hang of it. It is the second step I am taking as a writer.

Gosh, I have lots of diplomas from my 15 writing classes. Online classes are so much fun. I finished seeing season 1 of Chicago Code. It was a great series. I love watching crime shows.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great and positive year! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



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