August 11, 2017

I have been reading the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, It is an interesting book.

I am almost finished with season 5 of House of Cards.

I have been listening to the music of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Metallica this day. My favorite is Live and Let Die. Guns ‘n’ Roses has played that song. I just like their version better than Paul McCartney’s. It is more cool.

I think of writing as an art and a craft. Most of us writers become successful at it. Sticking with it is the most difficult part. I write because I love it and have a passion for it.

It will be interesting of how they are going to make a real life movie of The Black Cat from Marvel comics. She always interested me much. She is beautiful and has wits. She is an interesting character that I would love to see in theaters.

It is getting close for me to finish my online classes and then I will have a pet dog. He or she

I will accept my pet dog as part of my family, it’s doesn’t matter if it is a male or female. Dogs are wonderful animals. I love dogs. You can easily become friends with them. I don’t have a pet dog yet. I can’t wait to have one next year.

Well, I hope that most of you have a great year of what is left of this year! Love and peace to you all! Be safe! 🙂 ❤




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