Arrival of Andrew’s Ghost Dad

Dear diary,

My name is Andrew Starts. My dad Phil visited me as a ghost himself at my home various times, years after he was executed for murdering the Mayor of our city in the electric chair. In my view he was wrongfully accused for killing the mayor of Los Angeles, California. He told me that no matter what people think of him, that it should not let it destroy me. It shouldn’t define the truth, which he is living a lie. I know that he didn’t do it. It was only my belief that counts and matters to him the most. The real killer is set free. My dad was framed. We talked about our happy moments we’ve had since I was a kid, and grown to a young adult. He began telling me decent jokes, and it made me laugh. I didn’t care what the world views my dad as a monster. I only care how I view him as a nice, decent, honest, and caring person with a good heart. He would never hurt anyone. It was great he came back as a ghost at my home to meet with me, and my family. I got to tell him about my life adventure happy moments, since he wasn’t here. I won’t ever forget his visit to me, my wife, and my wonderful kids, whom will always think of him as a saint. I love him. Our family and friends will always love him.


Andrew Starts

One thought on “Arrival of Andrew’s Ghost Dad

  1. I’ve met my dad three times since he died that I can remember. So real that I could feel his body heat. I don’t get visits from other family or friends – just him.

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