April 11, 2017

I will try not to repeat myself the same things I have said in my memoirs in this blog. So, bear with me.

I don’t have writer’s block anymore. I write when I want mostly everyday. Many stuff has happened today.

I will be in a new class next month. I will be studying more.

I am thinking of studying grammar, which I have to master it. In order for me to do it I need to study each page in the grammar book. It isn’t easy for me, but it’s very difficult. I know some of grammar and not a whole bunch.

This is what I love from my room the quietness, so I could think of what to write about. I usually read a lot of books. My classes are almost finished. I don’t know why they are making cars that can drive themselves. I would rather drive a car myself. It isn’t safe to have a car to own that drives for you. You can easily get into an accident. But, I love cars that start without a key to start an engine, so I can drive.

The best thing to do is learn how to drive, because it doesn’t really matter in the future that your car will drive for you. I don’t think that is how it should work. You’re better off driving the car.

Well, I hope that most of you have had a great happy week! If not, then try to be happy and enjoy the rest of the week and weekend upcoming! Love and peace to you all! Be safe! 🙂 ❤



8 thoughts on “April 11, 2017

  1. Go easy on grammar, it’s just a tool, not a goal. Fluency in communication is far more important, and from where I stand, you’ve got it! So enjoy writing.
    Oh, and thank you for following my modest blog!

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