Liebster Award

Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I hope I win it. I’m so honored and proud of myself. My hard work has paid off. šŸ™‚

Howling Wolf

Thank you so much Kenna777 for nominating me. You are awesome!


1: Thank theĀ person who nominated you and linkĀ their blog inĀ your post.
2: Make a blog post explaining 11 facts about you.
3: Answer the 11 questions posted by the person who nominated you.
4:Ā Make 11 questions forĀ  your nominees.
5: Nominate 5-11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers).

11 Facts About Me:

1. I am lazy to a fault.

2. My favorite movie is ā€œJurassic Parkā€.

3. My favorite TV shows are the ā€œX-Filesā€ and ā€œNCISā€.

4. I love dogs and Great Danes are my favorite.

5. I preferĀ bigger dogs over smaller ones.

6. There is an exception to fact five. A member of my family has a really small chiwawa andĀ IĀ adore him.

7. I am terrible at searching for information on the web.

8. I took the Civics test in ninth grade so nowā€¦

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