February 11, 2017

I am registered to two online classes, and they are already paid for. I need to register to two more, and than I am done.

I start class next week.

I think it is much better not to talk about sports in public. You could get in a whole lot of trouble. If I were you I would talk about something else like life, or movies for example.

I am getting a dog next year. I have asked my parents for one and they said yes I can. It is much responsibility. I will be stacked up with my blog, writing classes, and taking care of my pet dog coming 2018.

I already finished watching the series Z: The Beginning of Everything. I don’t like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life, but I was interested in seeing the Fitzgerald’s lives of how it turned out. They have had troubled lives and their lives have cut short.

I never go out hardly to see movies. I see them in my home. Mostly I study when there are no classes and also when I am taking a class.

Well, I don’t mean to rush any of your time. I got to get going, because I’m very busy studying through out this year being in no class, or being in one. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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