Sides Of The Mirror

Chester Hahn is at home almost finishing his breakfast, while watching the news on TV. He is done and went upstairs to his room. He dresses in his clothes, and brushes his teeth.

He looks at himself in the mirror counter and sees something strange. In the mirror he witnesses his reflection of himself in it depressed. It is different from his in the real life side, which he is happy. He wonders why in the reflection of the mirror is a sadistic person.

“Chester, in this side in the mirror people and me are dying from the spread of the plague,” his reflection of the mirror said

“But why is that? There is nothing terribly wrong on this other side of my real life.” Chester said

“I know. You’re happy there. But, you won’t see your own reflection in this mirror anymore, because of this disease in here.” The reflection said

“This is odd. It is sad what is happening in there, also.” Chester said

“I don’t look so well. I’m ill.” the reflection said

“I can tell. But, it is important to have my own reflection in the mirror, if not than I will be having serious problems. What can I do to help?” Chester said

“I’m afraid there is nothing you can do.” the reflection said

“This is a major bummer for me as, well. But, I’ve got to go to work.” Chester said

He went to work. He found the problem depressing for him. If he could only fix this problem. But, how can he? A rather complex problem to solve.

He went back home from 8 hours of work. He goes in his home and runs upstairs quickly to his master bedroom facing the mirror counter. He looks at it that his reflection is no longer there. The other side of him died inside its mirror, while on his real life side he is alive.

The Chester side inside the mirror has died from the plague, as well as the other people. Could Chester probably think that most people in real life will have the same problem he has from the mirrors? He thinks this is all so surreal to realize it.


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