Disney Is Helping My Son’s Imagination Grow

I love Disney animated movies. I just thought I would share this post that I’ve reblogged! Enjoy! Disney theme parks are wonderful places!

Autism Mommy Avenger

When I was a young kid, I loved Disney movies so much. I can remember playing princess with my sisters, or repeating every line from my favorite movie, Lady and the Tramp. I knew than that when I had kids I would introduce them to all the amazing Disney movies of the past and the new ones now. But, little did I know than just how much Disney would help my son. The movies and shows are helping him to play and use his imagination. They were a comfort to him when he couldn’t speak. We would turn on Toy Story and he would instantly relax and start laughing. And now, they are helping him to find his voice. To talk more and pretend more everyday. Disney is truly magical in every way. I see that as I watch my son now.

Up to a few months ago, Billy was…

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