January 9, 2017

Today is the college football national championship. It’s Alabama v. Clemson. I have tremendous respect of both teams, especially Alabama head coach Nick Saban. He is a real nice guy, even if I don’t go for his team I have my deepest respects for the Crimson Tide and him.

Even though I am a Miami Hurricanes fan, I am proud of Florida State, and the Florida Gators for winning championships in college football and college basketball. I strongly feel that Miami Hurricanes should win national championships in football and basketball, too.

I love going for every florida teams. I do really like Florida State and the Florida Gators. I think that them too should win championships, too. As, well as South Florida.

Alabama is a great team. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a great team. I don’t go for them, but do respect them. My favorite team are the Miami Heat, and I think they too will win NBA titles.

Nick Saban is a great coach. In Miami we have had great quarterbacks and coaches, and I think it is time to have back national championships here in Miami, Fl. It is time that they win more titles in football and basketball.

I think that Miami, Florida State, and UF should win national championships in college basketball. For me I would like more for Miami Hurricanes to win them. I love these four teams from the state of Florida. Why not? I know I am from Miami, but you simply can’t not to. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. This is just me, but remember I am more of a Miami fan, and not any else’s teams. This is the way I think.

Whoever wins either, Clemson or Alabama deserves credit. Alabama is a great dynasty football team in its own right. Miami will also be a great dynasty, too! I am optimistic about it too much! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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