Music Review: “Behind The Mask” by Michael Jackson

The music video Behind the Mask shows most of the fans who have learned Michael Jackson’s dance moves. It’s entertaining. It’s also funny. I love the song. It has beautiful rhymes. You can understand what the song is talking about, but we just like it, because it’s fun to listen to. The music video is the one I like the most. They show most of Michael’s dance moves. I give this song five out of five stars. Very entertaining.


2 thoughts on “Music Review: “Behind The Mask” by Michael Jackson

  1. I took my girls in the house and we sat down at my desktop three days before he passed. Something told me to tell them all about this wonderful man. He’d had a horrible life, living like a caged animal. He was altruistic, honorable, and so very talented. The girls watched videos for three straight days. The even performed some of Thriller in the front yard. On day three, they cried with me, though they’d only “known” of him for three days. They told me they were so glad I shared him with them.

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