January 4, 2017

This is my first memoir post of this year. So much positives has happened for me, which I am grateful for. I hope this year will be huge for me in WordPress. I am thinking of succeeding in huge amounts.

Through my home I eat healthy foods at home. I try not to go to fast food restaurants. If I go it will only be for ice coffees.

I walked outside my neighborhood today, and then put on some episodes of Outrageous Acts of Science. The inventions are freaky and cool. I have seen a real hover board, other than the complex first I saw before.

Breakdancing isn’t popular like in the 80’s before. It went out of style, but some people still do it. It does yet exist, but not in the mainstream anymore. I loved the dance moves of Michael Jackson. It is amazing of how he danced every move.

I love my home. It has the things I need and stuff to enjoy. However, I need to work at home. I have four more online classes left, and it is great that I remember much stuff of self-publishing.

Every time I walk outside I encounter squirrels running up trees and dogs being walked by neighbors. Soon I won’t have any free time when I will be a professional novelist. It will be all work and fun. Writing is both fun and work at the same time.

I am saving up money for my next classes left. I am using my money wisely.

Well, all of you have a happy and safe week ahead! I’ll see you next in the next post! 🙂


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