Present Year, Past Year, Present Year, Past Year, and Than…

Dear friends and families,

My name is Samalia Horten and I live in New York, New York. I only have one issue with this planet and that is years coming, and going backwards. I am living in the present year, 2016. The whole year passes by, but by the next year is now 1945, post World War II. When the year is 1945, that year passes within all the days, and then the next year is 2016 again. I am trying to figure out why we can’t go on to the next year that should be 2017. This is all very bizarre. I keep hearing about the Chicago Cubs that have won the World Series title, and then about some recent famous celebrities that have all died in the same 2016. I hear all this all of my life, and I have to get used to it. The next year, which is 1945, again all I hear about is moving forward during the post World War II era. My life is crazy. It’s like this in order: It’s 2016, Next year it’s 1945, Next year is 2016, 1945, 2016, 1945, and so on. You get the picture. We can’t get to the next 2017. It’s all only about 2016, and 1945, throughout our lives moving in circles. I’m trying to figure out how to live through it.




Samalia Horten

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