December 10, 2016

Today I wasn’t studying I was taking a short break from it. I am almost finished with the novel The Talisman by Stephen King. I didn’t walk outside because it was raining. I stayed at home.

Right now I have no imaginations at all. It will come around sooner.

I do things for myself, and it is time I do so. I don’t intend for people to feel sorry for me, because no one will. I know that for sure. What I intend to do is keep me positive and build my career for the future.

I am hearing peaceful music. Most of the time I hear smooth jazz. I know that the world is tough on me sometimes, but I still keep positive and am living happy. No one will do things for me, but  I am fine with it, because I can do things for myself. I like the life already where I am going at. Life is tough, I know that. But, I still keep my mental toughness to reach higher this time.

I am used to doing things for myself and that is how it should be. Before, it was hard to convince people that I am not rough on them anymore. But, in the present time they know now.

I am learning much of publishing and it isn’t easy as some people would think. There’s a lot of stuff that carries with it.

I have watched less TV. I helped my parents garden around the house. It kept me positive. Through this year I am happy. Most writers would tell you not hearing any sound and being lonesome at home is best, and it is the truth. This is in order you’re able to make a novel, or nonfiction book.

Through this time I am still with the writing classes.

Try to be nice with people. That’s what I did. Don’t joke around too much. That’s what I did. By doing this you’ll be able to have a healthy friendship with decent people. The only thing that counts is if you are already happy and is right now.

I hope that all of your holidays is what you’ve dreamt it is. Have a happy Merry Christams, everyone! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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