Music Review: “Imagine” by John Lennon

This song “Imagine” is special and very important. It tells of how the world can be peaceful again without any fights, and violence everywhere. John Lennon believes that we can be at peace with mankind and humanity. This song is my favorite, because it all brings us united in peace and liberty. It shows how to get along with everyone. You can be a peacemaker. Don’t be a violent person. Be a peaceful one. I think he wrote this song to stop the wars and violence all around us. We should stop the hate, as well. John does want us to stop the hate and love each other as human beings. Listen to this song to bring peace and hope to yourself. You’re the only one who is making it worse, then the world of it already is. You can bring peace to the world. Start with God, first. I give this song five stars out of five! Thumbs up! Love and peace to you all!


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