Music Review: “Remember The Time” by Michael Jackson

The song “Remember the Time” is one of my favorite songs. I saw this music video back in 1991 when it first appeared. It is an exciting song. Michael appears in Egypt in a Pharaoh’s own type of castle. He tries to woo his woman and then escapes from the Egyptian soldiers. Simply this song soothes a woman very easily. Michael sings throughout this music video. He hides in certain places where the soldiers can’t find him. He finally comes to the pharaoh’s woman and kisses her on the lips. The Pharaoh gets him finally, but Michael disappears as he slips away. I hear this song some of the time. The music video is well written. I give this song three stars out of five!


3 thoughts on “Music Review: “Remember The Time” by Michael Jackson

  1. When this came out, my college roommate used to imitate the way Iman said “I’m bored,” which was more like, “Ahm berd.” Also, let’s not forgot the choice acting by Magic Johnson in his small pivotal role.

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