Jogging With Imaginary Characters

Amelia dressed into fitness clothes. She started to go outside her neighborhood. She walks outside of her neighborhood.

She is jogging in the afternoon. Amelia was sweating and passed through several stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. She turned left to the other side of her neighborhood.

All of a sudden pink cartoon elephants appear to her left, and right side of her. She felt awkward and embarrassed. The strangers took notice of her situation, and they all laughed at her. It was the pink elephants they were giggling about. She felt awful.

“Why did both of you pink elephants suddenly decide to jog with me?” she says

“We like you.” they say

“Well, I don’t like neither of you! So, get out of here! You’re embarrassing me!” she says

“We can’t!” they say

“Yes, you can! Now, bug off!” she says

The strangers laugh even more at how this event is occurring.

“Nah, this is too much fun.” the left elephant says

“You’re both incredible! I’ll make you go away!” she says

“No, we won’t let you!” the right elephant says

“Watch me!” she says

She is using her imagination to make them vanish and they finally did. They aren’t there anymore. They were erased from her memory. Now the fun the strangers had with her is over. They felt bored and disappointed, but she felt victory. She is proud of herself for standing up to the cartoon pink elephants. She arrived at her home and went inside. She took a satisfying bath in her bathroom. She celebrates her outstanding victory.




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